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Dress-up Days

In conjunction with cheering on our sports teams, students come to school dressed in spirit regalia. Face paints, temporary hair colors, mascot dress, and modest clothing to express school spirit is encouraged.


On the first half day of December, students are encouraged to attend school in pajamas!

Character day is observed the first Friday of each February. Students are encouraged to dress as a character from their favorite literary classic. This uniform-free, fun day helps foster literacy discussion and allows students and teachers alike to present their beloved works.


In our art program, students are taught “the greats” and are then given the opportunity to practice these theories, styles, and techniques. At the end of the year, students' work is displayed in an art fair setting for viewers to enjoy along with hors d'oeuvres. 

Late in the Spring semester, secondary students present and display their history projects. The 7th and 8th grade history and geography students host the World's Fair in which they share food, dress, and artifacts from a country, culture, or historical topic. This fair is open to the school community; students and parents alike.

High school students alternatively spend this semester on “The 40 Hour Project." Students log 40 hours worth of research, writing, and preparation on a project consisting of a paper, oral presentation, and visual aid. These visual aids join the displays at the World's Fair.

Each January our school holds a science fair in which every student participates. Elementary grades create class projects, while secondary students submit individual or group projects. Secondary entries are awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons in corresponding age divisions. Among these, student's projects are further sent to county, state, and potentially international science fairs where winners receive cash prizes, certificates, and scholarships.


Protocol is an annual event for rhetoric stage students, which alternates each year between formal and semi-formal events. Students are provided with instruction in proper etiquette (manners and dress) for formal dining and formal entertainment. Once equipped, they enjoy dinner at a formal restaurant and then an event such as a 'Broadway style' play or musical.

Each year during the first week of school, our Head-of-School invites each class to a Welcome Tea. Though the students do not dress in formal attire, the tables are set and the ‘tea’ presented formally. The students are instructed by the Head-of-School in age appropriate behavior, manners, and conversation. They are served “tea” and finger foods that you might find at high tea, including cucumber sandwiches, and scones.

Spelling Bee

Our school spelling bee is typically held in January. Each class from first through eighth grade sends their top two spellers to participate in the school's competition. The winner then goes on to compete in the county bee.


Summer Session