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Veritas students begin each Monday morning by attending Chapel.  On 'Chapel Day' students are required to wear their chapel uniform.  

For boys K-6th: khaki pants (French Toast only) and an approved belt; Boys 7th-12th: navy pants (French Toast only) and an approved belt

For girls K-6th: khaki two tab scooter (French Toast Only); Girls 7th-12th: navy two tab scooter (French Toast Only)

Boys and girls, all ages wear royal blue short or long sleeve Pique Polo, embroidered (French Toast Only)

A note on footwear: the requirements are the same for boys and girls and for all school days... 
SHOES/SOCKS   Black shoes and black socks;  (no boots, sandals, girls’ high-tops, open-toed, or gel type shoes), Shoes should be low profile, not ornamented or bulky;  Socks are to be solid color, black.


Summer Session