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Do you have students attending Veritas Christian Community School?
Are you considering enrolling your child and wanting to know what tuition scholarships are available?

Let us be clear, school tuition costs are the responsibility of parents, but help is out there.
There may be tuition help for your child. This page will give you some direction on tuition scholarships available for students of private schools in the state of Arizona. The state of Arizona allows taxpayers to take a dollar-for-dollar credit on their Arizona taxes for contributions to scholarship organizations.  These scholarship funds are then available for students attending private schools in Arizona.

The Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit Law, A.R.S. Section 43-1089, allows a married couple filing Arizona state taxes jointly to make a donation to a certified Scholarship Tuition Organization (STO) up to $1,000 and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against the taxpayer's Arizona state income tax. A single taxpayer is limited to $500. The law allows a carry forward for up to five years if a donation is made in excess of the actual state income tax liability.

A taxpayer may also be able to claim a federal deduction for the tax credit donation. The taxpayer should consult their tax advisor for specific tax advice.

A.R.S. 43-1089 (G) now allows donations made through April 15 of the following year for the previous tax year. For example: A donor makes a tax credit donation on April 15, 2011. The donor’s tax credit may be claimed on either 2010 or 2011 taxes.

Take Advantage

1. Apply. Each School Tuition Organization (STO) has its own set of procedures for determining the distribution of funds, so investigate those listed on the STO page and apply.

2. Ask. The Arizona Tuition Tax Credit Program helps students receive a private school education. Communicate its advantages to the people in your circle of influence and ask them to make a contribution to a STO. We recommend CCSTO since it is local and disburses funds monthly.

Here are a few ideas of people you might know who may be willing to use the Arizona Private Tax Credit to help students of Veritas, including your own, and receive the tax credit:
 - Relatives
 - Family Friends
 - Co-workers
 - Neighbors
 - Church Groups
 - Individuals that provide you and your family goods or services
            (i.e. hairstylist, house cleaner, insurance agents, realtors, Etc.)

Cochise Christian School Tuition Organization (CCSTO) is a local STO that can answer any questions or concerns regarding donations and scholarship applications. Please feel free to call Ed Cottingham at 520-378-3177 or email him at There are several criteria which each STO considers in determining the distribution of funds.  Each STO's criteria, as well as applications for scholarships and donation forms are available on their websites. 

STO List/Links

There are two types of grant/scholarships available from Arizona STOs, individual and corporate. Funds for individual grant/scholarships come from contributions made by individual tax payers to the STO. Funds for corporate grant/scholarships come from contributions made by Arizona corporations to the STO.

The following is a list of STOs from which Veritas students have received grant/scholarships.
Your child may qualify for grant/scholarships from any of the following school tuition organizations
Individual Grant/Scholarships:

These types of tuition grant/scholarships are available for students who are in need of tuition assistance. Students receiving grant/scholarships are selected by each organization’s selection committee. We list two organizations that have a long time history with Veritas Christian Community School.

Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization, Inc. “ACSTO”
P. O Box 6580
Chandler, AZ 85246
Ph: (480) 820-0403 Fax: (480) 820-2027                                                                                                                                

Distributes 4 times a year.
Cochise Christian School Tuition Organization, Inc. “CCSTO”
1907 E Loma Ln
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650
Ph:  (520)456-4961                                                                                                                                     


Corporate Grant/Scholarships:

The following organizations offer corporate grant/scholarships, some offer both corporate and individual grant/scholarships. Students qualifying for corporate grant/scholarships must be: 
1) transferring to a private school from a public school
2) entering Kindergarten at a private school in Arizona

Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund, Inc. “APESF”
6909 E Greenway Pkwy, Suite 240
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Ph: (480) 699-8911 Fax: (480) 646-3196

AZ School Choice Trust
P.O. Box 1616
Glendale, AZ 85311
Ph: (623) 414-3429 Fax: (623) 243-6846

Institute for Better Education “IBE”
5151 E. Broadway, Suite 1600
Tucson, AZ 85711
Ph: (520) 512-5438 Fax: (520) 512-5401

Tuition Organization for Private Schools “TOPS for Kids”
P.O. Box 41930
Mesa, AZ 85274
Ph: (480) 414-8677 Fax: (888) 256-1130

School Choice Arizona "SCA"
2241 E. Pecos Road, Suite 3
Chandler, AZ 85225
Ph: (480)722-7502 Fax: (480)820-2027

AAA Scholarship Foundation
4802 E. Ray Rd., Suite 23-257
Phoenix, AZ 85044
Ph: 888-707-2465

Arizona Community Foundation
2201 E. Camelback Rd., Ste. 405B
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Ph: (602)381-1400

Arizona Education and Scholarship Opportunity Program
18801 N. Thompson Peak Pkwy, Suite 240
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Ph: (480)315-8263

Arizona Education Scholarship Foundation
PO Box 1388
Queen Creek, AZ 85142
Ph: (480)478-0624

Arizona Scholarship Fund
PO Box 2576
Mesa, AZ 85214
Ph: (480)686-6030

Arizona Tuition Connection
11445 E. Via Linda, Suite 2-145
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
Ph: (480)409-4106

Each organization has its own application form and procedure for application. All STOs require a copy of your most recent federal tax return. Some organizations require additional information. There are strict Deadline Requirements for each organization!
Please call or visit their websites for more information.

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