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Dress Code

Students should reflect the scholarly, classic image of the school. They are expected to appear neat, clean, and modest during the school day and at school events, avoiding distracting others by their appearance. While individuality is respected, it should not be sought after in the context of the school uniform. 

Students should dress modestly, causing none to stumble or to be distracted. This means clothes that are properly fitted, neither too tight or too loose. Skorts, scooters, jumpers and shorts should be a modest length with waistbands at the natural waistline. Outlandish or distracting clothing or appearance will not be allowed.

Please follow the links below to see examples of proper Veritas uniforms.
CHAPEL (Mondays)        EVERYDAY (Tuesday-Friday)        P.E.        OUTER WEAR        
Veritas contracts with French Toast, a uniform supply company. Click here to view their website.

Summer Session