I Corinthians 10:1-13 gives us the primary reason for the necessity of the study of history, admonition. The stories of the Old Testament are recorded so that New Testament believers will have examples to follow and others to avoid. In the modern era we have a vast wealth of recorded history to draw from as we seek to navigate the uncertain waters of the future. We seek to trace God’s providence and His redemptive plan throughout our study of history as well as follow the classical model of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. In that light we approach the study of history in a linear fashion as we believe human history has a definite starting point, Creation, and is heading to a definite and ultimate end point determined by the sovereign Creator.


The logic stage of historical study is comprised of a comprehensive geography course and a world history course finalized with a look at Arizona history. By now many of the stories of history are quite familiar so the students are required to look deeper into the connecting themes of history, such as how the geographical make up of a region impacts culture socially, politically, economically, and spiritually.