Veritas sees the importance of ‘formal’ activities in the training and development of its students.  Two events are detailed for you, Protocol (high school only) and Welcome Teas (all ages).


Protocol is an annual event, for our rhetoric stage students, which alternates each year between formal and semi-formal events.  Students are provided with instruction in proper etiquette (manners and dress) for formal dining and formal entertainment.  Once equipped they enjoy dinner at a formal restaurant and then an event such as a 'Broadway style' play or musical.


Each year during the first week of school, our Head-of-School invites each class to a Welcome Tea.  Though the students do not dress in formal attire, the tables are set and the ‘tea’ presented formally.  The students are instructed by the Head-of-School in age appropriate behavior, manners, and conversation.  They are served “tea” and finger foods that you might find at high tea including cucumber sandwiches, and scones.

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