Welcome to Veritas Christian Community School! 

Whether you are currently part of the Veritas family or looking for the best educational opportunity for your student, we thank you for visiting our website. 

A word about our name is a good place to begin. Veritas is Latin for “truth.” Our foundational worldview is based upon the truth of the unchangeable Word of God, the Bible. Christian Community is what we seek to live out in our day-to-day activities. Basic Christian tenets are fundamental to our Statement of Faith, which contains those doctrines to which we unreservedly adhere to and teach. We desire to remain united in the salvation and love of Christ, avoiding dissention which may be caused by denominational distinctives. By School we mean to provide the children that God has entrusted to us with spiritual, emotional, social, and physical training, along with quality academic instruction from a biblical worldview. Veritas strives to reflect the truth, beauty, and goodness of our Creator by providing an orderly, challenging, loving, and joyful learning environment.

There is no education without presuppositions and values. At Veritas, the first basic presupposition is that God is and has revealed Himself and His will through creation, history, Jesus Christ, and the Scriptures. God’s Word gives us the truth about all areas of our lives and therefore applies to all areas of the Christian school. Each subject in the curriculum has a biblical source, purpose, and end. We believe that truth stems from God and is absolute in character. In view of this, our goal is to give every student the ability to discern the truth based upon God’s Word, master the truths involved, apply these truths to his own life, and finally to bring God’s truth to the world.

It is with joy that we approach our task and with joy that we welcome you to join us in it.

The School Board, Faculty and Staff of Veritas Christian Community School