Take Advantage of Scholarship Opportunities

1. Apply. Each School Tuition Organization (STO) has its own set of procedures for determining the distribution of funds, so investigate those listed on the STO page and apply.

2. Ask. The Arizona Tuition Tax Credit Program helps students receive a private school education. Communicate its advantages to the people in your circle of influence and ask them to make a contribution to a STO. We recommend CCSTO since it is local and disburses funds monthly.

Here are a few ideas of people you might know who may be willing to use the Arizona Private Tax Credit to help students of Veritas, including your own, and receive the tax credit:
   - Relatives
   - Family Friends
   - Co-workers
   - Neighbors
   - Church Groups
   - Individuals that provide you and your family goods or services
              (i.e. hairstylist, house cleaner, insurance agents, realtors, Etc.)

Cochise Christian School Tuition Organization (CCSTO) is a local STO that can answer any questions or concerns regarding donations and scholarship applications. Please feel free to call Ed Cottingham at 520-378-3177 or email him at edward527@cox.net. There are several criteria which each STO considers in determining the distribution of funds.  Each STO's criteria, as well as applications for scholarships and donation forms are available on their websites.  Website addresses and links are found on the STO page.