Simply put our ultimate goal for every Veritas student is that they represent themselves and Jesus Christ well to a fallen world.  In order to do this they must be effective communicators.  There are many ways to communicate, verbally and nonverbally, but the vast majority of communication comes through language.   There are many strata to language learning but the most foundational layer is an understanding of the sound-symbol relationship.  In the primary grades, Kindergarten, First, and Second, a firm foundation is laid using Phonics Codes for English Speaking, Spelling, Writing, and Reading Express by Pauline M. Adamson, otherwise known as YES Phonics.  This program is based upon the work of Dr. Samuel Orton, Leonard Ayers, Romalda Spalding, and Jean Zier and provides instruction in all avenues of using the English language. Students quickly progress from learning the sound-symbol correlation of the 26 letters in our alphabet, as well as their combinations, to words and sentences.  Spelling, penmanship, grammar, and reading instruction are integrated in the primary grades.  Reading selections are often correlated with history and Bible.