Veritas teachers love the Lord, love children, and are called to teach. Our staff is comprised of more than 15 dedicated members. Each faculty member is committed to the mission of Christian Classical education and to the children they teach.

Charis Hampel: Kindergarten 

Danielle Drake: 1st Grade

Gaby Barrios: 2nd Grade

Pam Carns: 3rd Grade

Haley Tinney: 4th Grade

Nikkel Jessee: 5th Grade

Yvonne Grossi: 6th Grade

Melissa Bravenec: Secondary Science

Sonja Schmidt: Latin and Junior High History

Jessa Stilwell: Secondary English

Grace Ingertson: Spanish I and II

 Elizabeth Lynn: 7th and 8th Bible, Greek

Adrienne Farris: 7th and 8th Latin

Kathryn Watkins: Alg 1/2, Alg 1

Daniel Doyle: Advanced Physics, Calculus, Logic, Geometry, Algebra II

Micky Unger: Trigonometry, Rhetoric I, Atheltic Director 

Jason Tinney: Head of School